Friday, July 23, 2010

Ammo tests

Tried a few kinds of ammo over the past weekend. In the wife's .40S&W we tried Gold Dot hollowpoints and all functioned well. Then for giggles we tried the CCI shot shells. Good news and bad: they fire fine, they do not cycle. The shells do not attempt to extract. You will have to fully rack the slide to clear them out. They do have no trouble loading. I remember trying them in my .45 and they worked flawlessly, no issues no failures. I did try my new Corbon DPX 185Grn +P solid copper hollow points in the .45 and it did not notice that I had changed ammo. It felt no worse than 230Grn hardball at standard pressure. I mix rounds in the mag when testing so it cycles into and away from the round in question without "wasting" large quantities of expensive and sometimes scarce defensive ammo. My wife reaquainted herself with the .45. She shot well but loves her .40

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